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Providing 1 stop services from website creation to website promotion and system development as well as IT services you needed. We are here to help your business enhanced competitiveness and popularity.



Want to brand your company but stuck with the budget limit?

Want to set up an online business but don't know how to start?

Nicey is always here to help, we provide the whole solution for your business.


We provide whole IT services and solutions for your company, from business websites to customized functional system, from online business to electronic management. We have engineers with over 10 years of IT experiences, will give strong support for anything you need for your online business.

CMS Website

As your business card, a CMS website will demonstrate the features of your company, increase brand popularity and improve the brand image. We will create your own website as your preference rather than using a template, together with SEO to enhanced the website rank, thus make your website visible on the internet, bring more customers to your business.

Online Shopping Website

E-Commerce and online business is becoming mainstream now. An online shopping website will help you seize the opportunity. It includes the features of products management, order management, postage calculation, promotion and different payment ways including Wechat pay, Ali pay, meanwhile, it's powerful analysis function and user-friendly back-end management portal will make your online business worries-free.

Enterprise System Development

We provide solutions for enterprises to fulfil their need of digital office, we develop customized functional system to increase the efficiency and lower the cost. For example, a warehouse management system will allow you to manage the stock just on your mobile, save you $$$ on the cost.

Mobile APPs

We provide the whole solution base on your mobile, WeChat shops and online shopping apps can be seamlessly connected to your business website and management system. You only need a mobile to manage everything for your online business by having mobile apps or WeChat mini programme.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

We can help your business gain a higher rank in the search engine, attracts more customers to your website, convert the visits to purchases, so that increase your sales and brand image.

IT Services

We provide full IT services including IT consultant, software updates, network & server setup, hardware maintenance etc.


  • Brand image and popularity

    A professional website is the best way to deliver the company spirits, Professional competence and brand images. To spread the business culture and Business philosophy.

  • Increase traffic and sales

    By using the right keywords and SEO and marketing, we will help you to higher your rank in the search engine, attracts more views and getting more customers so to increase the sales.

  • VIP IT services

    As our valued customers, we will provide FREE IT consultant, help you better understand what you need. Our aim is to get you the most suitable solution. Besides, we also provide training after the website delivery, help you to cope with website updates easily.

mobile app background
Apple Pay


We support various payment methods like credit card payments, online banking, WeChat pay, Ali pay, Laybuy, Afterpay and so on. Also, we are able to get the APIs from couriers company like NZ POST, Fastways to provide logistic information and connect with Xero and Trademe etc.


NICEY is committed to providing the first-class services Leave the professional stuff to professionals. You just concentrate on your business, leave the technical tasks to us. NICEY will be your reliable partner.

Choose the right IT service provider

We have engineers with over 10 years of experience in websites and system developing. Nicey will provide you with professional suggestions and IT support.

  • Customer first

    We respect your idea and requirement, we provide first-class services.

  • Cutting edge technology

    We use the latest technology for your requirements, makes you always in an advantageous position.

  • Fast and Stable

    We provide stable systems, always be there to quickly solve unexpected problems.